Confirming House

Confirming House

We also act as confirming house where we bridge the gap between prospective buyers and suppliers by arranging the export of goods on the behalf of overseas buyers. We check on behalf of the buyer that commodity being supplied and transaction terms are met by the supplier before payment is made by the buyer or on behalf of buyer, guaranteeing or confirming payment to the suppliers in the suppliers own domestic currency. Upon request we can negotiate the price with the suppliers, ships agents, insurers and provide information on the merchandise on oversea buyers’ behalf.


A Carnet is an international customs document that provides duty-free customs clearance for temporary imports into foreign countries and can simplify and expedite the customs entry.

Import Services

Wherever you send your cargo in West Africa and you choose GHANA as your entry port, Galore Logistics has the capability and infrastructure to ensure that your product is delivered.

Export Services

When you make use of Galore Logistics’ logistics and export services, you can be assured that we will provide you with quality services. We export cargo of all types.

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Galore Logistics was established in 2009, as an enterprise known as BR Trading Enterprise that was in the business of procuring agro commodities like raw cashew nut, sesame, maize and shear nut among other commodities. BR Trading rose to become a 3PL Company.

The company move from an enterprise to limited liability Company which was known as BR Impex Limited in 2012 and its name was change to GALORE LOGISTICS


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